First and foremost he wants everyone to know up front that
"With God All Things Are Possible"

Therefore, there is no doubt at all that God was the One enabling this all to happen!

The Giver should always get the Glory. Thus, I give God the Glory!

It can happen to you.

Yes, it can happen to you if you know and use the right wealth building system of income. Everyone that I know that is making money online or offline uses this wealth building model. As I first started out I did not understand this model. I kept seeing statements of it, but did not buy into it at first. I am so glad I finally adopted this model. I was able to resign my $50,000 a year salary and maintain our life style. If you want to succeed at your home business you should decide that you, too, will use this system. If you want to make money on line and off line it is the system to use.

If you really desire to have a home business, have extra cash for the fun things you want to do, or simply need to meet your financial obligations you will need to be using this business model. It is as simple as that!

If you are interested in starting a business, or taking over one, you face a daunting task that carries a level of risk and excitement not possible in the 'employee' world.

If the financial independence of self-employment appeals to you - no boss, no income limits as to time and wage, and the ability to let your personal drive determine your compensation - then you will no doubt be eagerly going over the many options available to release you from your current job.

However, the rush of financial excitement must be tempered by the necessary cost of time for discovering how to  properly set yourself up independently. If you use the right wealth building model you will be able to enjoy consistent success.

However, the opposite is true, as well, if you neglect this model and one thing goes wrong your business could instantly stop providing you a source of income, unless, you are using this model.

I know because this exact problem happened to me when I started out. I was making almost $1000.00 a month, then it happened, the dreadful occurred. I went to receiving $1000.00 a month to receiving no income. The company that I was working with was closed down by the FDC. The reason my income stopped was not because the FDC closed down the company , but because I was using the wrong system. I changed my wealth building system. This will not happen again. I will never be caught like that again.                  (MLM Folks Only--Click Here!)


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Hi! My name is John Neyman and I ran into too many folks like Jennifer. Jennifer  had invested $2000.00 of her money and was not making any money. Jennifer's husband was getting upset and had given her a deadline for making money or she had to quit.
I ran into Peter who was unsure where to begin after about a year trying work on the internet. Ed was skeptical of anyone that approached him about a home business. He did not want to talk to anyone.

Would you like to know the number one place to discover how to work any business and use the best wealth building model?

It is the one place that everyone will see to it that you succeed. Why most have neglected it I don't know, but it must not be neglected if you desire to succeed.

You see, on the internet what most folks are selling is information. Information is necessary, no doubt, but they are selling you information that you will:

  • never use

  • never know how to use

  • never know where to use

Therefore, it will sit on your computer and they will sell you more information. They know how to make the information they are selling seem so important to your success that you will continue to buy more and more of it. I know because I was sucked into this vacuum too.

Enough is Enough!

There are 2 basic steps to success on the net! First, you need the right wealth building model of income and second, you need someone to show you how to make it work. Flying solo is not the answer, buying more information is not the answer either. Chasing rainbows is not the answer!

Once you buy the information from someone are they around to help you? If they are, do they want to  charge you another $500-$1000 for their expertise--coaching clinic? Usually, what happens is that you never hear from them until they have a new product to sell you.

Enough is enough, it is time to start applying what you already know and have bought. At Leaders Excel we provide the hands on approach. It is the only way to ensure that you will be successful. You need someone to come along your side and stay there so that you get it.

One person cussed me out!

I had conversation after conversation with folks that were discouraged, losing money, and giving up on their dreams. One person was so upset at the whole idea that he actually cussed me out. I determined that when I figured this out I would try to help everyone I could to get the training he or she needed that enable them to reach their dreams.

It was going to be a place of integrity. Leaders Excel was born out of those many day and night conversations with discouraged folks. I worked many long nights in my office trying to understand how to have a home business. Now I want to pass on to you what I have discovered!

Do you long to reach your dreams?

Are you praying and longing to reach your dreams too? Don't give up! Perhaps your answer is around the next corner. Listen you don't have to keep wasting your money or time either. There is a much better way to reach for the stars.

Maybe all you need to do is to stand on someone's shoulders to help you reach for your star. I will let you stand on my shoulders. I want to be able to share with you what I have discovered through hours setting behind a computer, literally, some days from 6:00 Am to 12 Midnight. If you don't believe me just ask my family.

I don't want you to go through what I went through. I want your learning curve to be much easier and less expensive.

What will you find at Leaders Excel?

  • Discover the best place to begin a home business

  • With out these 2 things no one will know you nor find you

  • Find out where the money is on the net and how to get it

  • What is the best kept secret that the Guru's don't want you to know

  • How do you get residual income

  • Without these 2 keys your down line will not stay working their business

  • Gain all of the material that you will need to start a business, manage it, and make money

  • Find out where to get the money to advertise so that you don't have to use your household money (Without this I could not have made my home business succeed.)

  • Without this one ingredient you are not going to succeed at your home business

A successful plan is needed

There are at least 3 important steps to a successful plan when working on the internet. These 3 steps may be applied to just about any plan, and when coupled with the right amount of determination and perseverance, will result in success!

But remember, you must persevere through the dry spells and difficult times. Everyone has hard times this is just a fact of life. The key is to keep working toward your goal and never give up.

Three Important Steps

  • Develop the Right Philosophy. The first point is to develop the right philosophy. How you approach your business (and life) will determine your success or failure. Try to always be growing and expanding your horizons in some way. You might want to think about continuing your education or contributing to your local community in some way. (Make sure to set-aside enough money for personal development.)

    Most successful people do not blindly follow someone else. They learn, evaluate, and make the necessary adjustments in their approach to career and life. Excellence is the goal, and continuous training and instruction are a very important part of the process.

    As you continue to grow and develop, be sure to find other individuals who can help in the process. Good mentors are hard to come by, but indispensable when it comes to personal growth.

  • Decide What You 'Really' Want. Determine your true inner desire and then do it! If you don't really desire to accomplish what it is you are currently doing, when the difficult times arrive you will simply quit. It's a fact of life! Thousands of dollars are lost by people who invest in ill-suited programs which they soon quit. The inner desire and "real" interest were not there in the first place.

    Always be successful you must first determine your true inner desire. Identify what it is that you really want in your career and life. The answers to these questions will lead you to success.

  • Take Action. Do your homework, but by all means step out and do something. Not just anything, mind can actually be busy and not accomplish anything.

    Consistent action in the right direction will produce results. It is the law of sowing and reaping. You reap what you sow. In other words, you get what you deserve (you deserve something when you have planted the right seeds in the right soil. It is not deserving something just because you showed up, it is not deserving something just because you worked hard. A farmer may work hard at planting seeds all day long in soil that is not properly prepared and the seeds are not going to produce.) You don't reap because you need it. Plant enough seeds in the right soil and you will find growth.

What others are saying....



my websites.  You've done a tremendous job and
designed them exactly how I wanted.

I appreciate that you're available when I need to ask
you some questions about my website (a tweak here or
there.)  It's rare to find webmasters who are as
accessible as you are.  That alone makes me EXTREMELY
SATISFIED and pleased with your services.

I'll definitely refer you to my clients who need your
expertise.  Keep up the "great" work!"

Bryon Howell
Baton Rouge, LA
Homebased Business Owner Since 1994


Hi John

I like you mate. You have a mentoring attitude which is really sought after - not just in marketing, but all of life.
Keep it up "Coach" :)

Thanks for being part of the Giveaway - it is really going to help people out a LOT this year !



PS. Keep smiling :)


"I was beginning a home based business and I needed a very professional, eye-catching website and I wanted it done quickly in order to begin placing my advertisements. Dr. John Neyman worked steadily with me making sure he knew exactly how I wanted my website to look. Dr. Neyman put in many, many hours to get the website looking just the way I wanted it for maximum marketability to viewers in order for me to generate the greatest amount of sales possible.

Dr. Neyman had quite the complicated task to do because he needed to coordinate four different systems and procedures in order for my website to work the way I wanted it to. Dr. Neyman worked for two days and got this website up and running. His work was nothing short of impeccable. He paid careful attention to detail yet finished the job extremely quickly. He was always courteous, helpful and patient throughout the entire process. As a bonus, Dr. Neyman also re-arranged some files for me and changed my e mail system to make it more accessible for me to use. I did not ask him to do this. Dr. Neyman simply offered this service free of charge.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Neyman for anyone who would like quality, courteous service for their websites. Dr. Neyman will customize the website to whatever the customer is looking for and will work with them throughout the entire process."

Donna Mackie


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